We design websites using WordPress as our web publishing software. Our websites fall into three categories:

  1. Quick Sites - Quick Sites are a portfolio of websites that cover a broad range of business verticals. They are designed to be an inexpensive, quickly implemented (Generally less than a day) solution  for a business to establish an online presence. Don't be fooled by the name or the price. These sites are very different from the "free" DIY or template sites advertised around the web. Quick Sites provide a solid foundation for business growth and are configured with Great SEO tools and architecture. They also come with a variety of premium plugins, that if purchased separately would cost as much as the website. Quick Sites, as is the case with Semi Custom and Custom websites, are hosted on WDYIM's Managed WordPress environment which provides amazing speed, daily backups, WordPress and Plugin Updates and close to 100% uptime. All this at a price that is hard to beat. All Quick Sites can be adjusted fairly easily for different business verticals and are Mobile Responsive, meaning they look great on devices from desktops to smart phones. Check out our growing list of WDYIM Quick Sites now!
  2. Semi Custom Sites - Semi Custom Sites can be Quick Sites or other WDYIM websites that are modified for your business needs. They use most of the framework of an existing site "template" but usually have modifications with plugins, widgets, text, colors, graphics, contact pages, menus, etc. They take longer to implement than Quick Sites but because they are using existing theme framework, they are less time consuming than a Custom Site. Generally, Custom Sites average 16 to 24 hours of time to configure, test and become "live".
  3. Custom Sites - Custom sites can be any style website you want. If you can imagine it, WDYIM can create it. We work with you to define your requirements and design tastes. Custom website generally take 40 hours or more, sometimes a lot more depending on requirements and size of site or redesign of your current site. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation to see how we can make your online vision a reality.

All of our websites are designed with mobile responsiveness in mind and tested on various browsers. But we don't stop with good looking websites that work well on different browsers and different devices. As important as that is, we architect websites that have great SEO tools and information architecture that concentrates on helping you compete well with your competition through the search engines. Let's face it, if you have a good looking website and nobody can find you, is that helping your business? There are no "magic" formulas to rank on page one for Google or other search engines but there are best practices that help you grow in your organic search efforts. Great organic search results take time, attention to detail and consistency. WDYIM puts the tools and plan together to help you achieve positive results with your online marketing.

For more information regarding our website pricing and some of the more common services we offer, please check out our Pricing Page.

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